Bantai-Crystal Ceramic Co.Ltd.

Asfour (แชนเดอเลียร์)


Crystal is best known around the world for its use in lighting fixtures and chandeliers.

This is an art and a tridition that has lightened lives for centuries, and that has long ago been mastered by Asfour Crystal.

High quality crystal pieces (lead content is 30%) , Chandeliers, wall mounted lamps, table lamps, and Ceilings lamps of various sizes and designs.

Asfour Crystal brings forth some of the world's most recognizable chandeliers, as well as wide collection of lighting pieces that are difficult to find elsewhere.

The world’s largest producer of full lead crystal

The world’s biggest built-up facility for crystal production

The world’s single largest employer of skilled crystal craftsmen and women

The world’s most used crystal brand by European and key international chandelier manufacturers