CH 67614/135/43

made in Egypt.

Add Glamour to your life…

Crystal is best know around the world for its use in lighting fixtures and chandeliers. This is an art and a tradition that has lightened lives for centuries, and that has long ago been mastered by Asfour Crystal.

“A crystal lighting piece adds instant luxury to any space; big or small, residential or commercial”

“It enriches the settings in which it is placed and gives it a sense of splendor and grandeur”

Asfour Crystal brings forth some of the world’s most recognizable chandeliers, as well as a wide collection of lighting pieces that are difficult to find elsewhere.

There is something particularly glamorous about lighting up a room with a majestic crystal chandelier from Asfour Crystal.
Famous worldwide for their precision cut, clarity and sparkle, Asfour Crystal is the largest producer of full-lead crystal in the world.

Today, Asfour Crystal is the largest single manufacturer of full-cut lead crystal in the world, as well as one of the biggest chandelier manufacturers in MENA area, exporting its production to key international markets.