made in Czech Republic.

Brilliancy Reflection

Brilliancy, glitter, high index of refraction, high quality of product processing and technology are the basic attributes of products made from 24% lead crystal produced in Crystal BOHEMIA a.s. glass factory Podebrady. Long lasting tradition, design creativity, wide product range, flexible production and technology and consumer confidence belong among the principal features of successful operation of Podebrady glass factory.

Glass factory was established in 1876. Despite the unsettled fate that the factory had to face during the world wars and economical depression, the factory has always managed to push through the tough competition in the market where its products have always been valuated and popular with confidence by customers. Thanks to the close cooperation among designers, technologists and customers the wide range of products is arising. The range thus meets all aesthetics and artistic aspects together with aspect of high productivity. One of important advantage of the company is its flexible production which can respond quickly and effectively to the customer demands. The production plan covers up to one hundred products each month. Hundreds of new projects specified by customers are put into the production every year.

Crystal Bohemia company offers to its clients moth blown and machine pressed lead crystal, hand cut lead crystal for everyday and occasional use or just for pleasure. The whole range contains thou-sands of products. Besides the traditional tabletop and giftware items such are vases, bowls, bas-kets, napkin holders, candlesticks and other decorative articles the factory also manufactures lighting accessories for special use (chandelier parts, lighting fixtures, architectural elements, accessories for kitchens and bathrooms).

Worldwide known trademark registered and respected in more than eighty countries is the warranty of unique origin, high quality, excellent features and artistic value of the products.

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