Cristal D’Arques

Crystal D'Arques
Crystal D'Arques Longchamp

made in France.

Cristal d’Arques
the new nature of elegance. Since the day it was founded, Cristal d’Arques has never stopped innovating and designing beautiful and affordable crystalware.

Today, the Parisian brand is synonymous worldwide with French elegance.
Renowned for the sparkle, elegance and good taste that makes its products the perfect gift, Cristal d’Arques has devoted over 40 years to marrying technology with creativity to inspire its exquisite and contemporary collections.

For almost half a century, Cristal d’Arques Paris has made tables sparkle around the world through its never ending creativity.
In 2010, the brand is innovating with a major technological step forward:
Diamax®, an environmentally-friendly material of exceptional purity,
brightness and shatter resistance.

Pure Perfect transparency.
The purity of glass is symbolic of elegance. Diamax®’s transparency rating has achieved maximum performance. Even better, this pure transparency
is maintained regardless of the size and thickness of the item.

Strong. Resistant and Timeless.
Purer with a durable sparkle, Diamax® is also stronger than regular glass. Which means you can use them everyday and at dinner parties and not have to worry about them being broken.
Making each meal a precious moment and each day a grand occasion.

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