made in Germany.

Luxury every day, with fine Bavarian crystal

Nachtmann’s heritage as a bavarian glassmaker crafting hand and machine-made crystal stretches back over two centuries, yet
we are still concerned with today, tomorrow and the next day.

At nachtmann we believe that each day offers the prospect of joy and surprise. every day is special. any gathering of friends can become an occasion. any family meal can be memorable.

The most casual get-together can become a celebration.
We inspire people to share these precious moments by bringing a little luxury and sparkle to everyday life through our brilliant crystal glassware. a gift of our glassware can be remarkably affordable, and our high-quality decorative glasses, plates, bowls and tabletop accessories are sought by style conscious consumers across the world.

The tradition of glass making.

The body resulting from the blow mould is created through constant blowing with the mouth and simultaneous turning.

All arround the world renowned restaurants use Nachtmann glasses and crystal ware for the setting table. In order to guarantee maximum.

Glass from Nachtmann convinces through its unique brilliance, lasting tone and the significance bearing weight of the lead crystal.