Mise En Bouche Taverna 105 ml/set 6 pcs


Mise En Bouche Taverna 105 ml/set 6 pcs

Mise En Bouche Taverna 105 ml/set 6 pcs
Product Code : 1605/105
Collection: Mise En Bouche
Brand : Rona
Made in Slovakia

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Mise En Bouche Taverna 105 ml
Brand: Rona
Made in Slovakia



rona: mise en bouche
Product NameMise En Bouche Taverna 105 ml
Product Code1605/105
CollectionMise En Bouche
TypeShot Glass, glass serverware
Capacity105 ml , 3 ½ oz
Height70 mm
DiameterØ: 50 mm
Materialcrystal glass
Package6 pcs/set | 6*FNV / 1*NN

Start every day with your favorite light appetizers and RONA glasses. Together. RONA mise en bouche glass varietal represents a perfect selection of individual glasses to fit all types of culinary starters. Whether you prefer fresh seafood dishes like fish fingers, shrimp cocktails, smoked salmon, or various kind of meatball like spicy pork/beef meat, ham and cheese rolls, chicken nuggets, vegetable and sweet fruity platters like cheesecake pies, tiramisu raspberry, tangerine puddings, we have the right selection of glass server ware ready for you. Simply select!
From big family lunches to brunch on the patio with friends, RONA offers great opportunities to tell a welcoming story and make an impressive style statement.

RONA glass varietal enhances your presentation and helps to differentiate the menus.
RONA presents elegant, functional & crystal-clear glassware. We invite you to review the broad range of RONA gourmet glass serve ware ready for your table.


Mise En Bouche