Opera Liqueur Tumbler 60 ml

Opera Liqueur Tumbler 60 ml/set 6 pcs
Product Code : 259 820 20006
Collection : Opera
Brand : RCR
Made in Italy

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Opera Liqueur Tumbler 60 ml
Brand: RCR
Made in Italy


RCR Opera
Product NameOpera Liqueur Tumbler
Product Code259 820 20006
Typeliqueur tumbler, shot glass
Capacity60 ml , 2 oz
Height63 mm
Dimension:Ø: 48 mm
Package6 pcs/set | NFV / EFN

An iconic product for 30 years, whose design was the bedrock of RCR’s status and importance worldwide. The decoration inspired more than any other by the traditional glass cutting, the embodiment of timeless style, for timeless elegance at table.

RCR Opera Tumbler


RCR Opera Tumbler