Claudia Sherry Glass 90 ml

Claudia Sherry Glass 90 ml/set 6 pcs
Product Code : 40149/090
Type : Sherry glass
Collection : Claudia
Brand : Crystalex
Made in Czech Republic

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Claudia Sherry Glass 90 ml
Collection: Claudia
Brand: Crystalex
Made in Czech Republic

Crystalex Claudia
Product NameClaudia Sherry Glass 90 ml
Product Code40149/090
TypeSherry glass
Capacity90 ml
Height122 mm
DimensionØ: 50 mm
Materialcrystal glass
Package6 pcs/set | SSO / EEO


Claudia is stylishly crafted crystal glassware. For the stemware best-seller Claudia, this year is truly exceptional. Its unique, well-balanced shape is characterized with an octagonal element in contours of a diamond. Therefore,Claudia reminds traditions of Bohemian glass makers of 19th century and enables to recall this very epoch. Claudia comes gift boxed in sets of 6 pieces.