Longchamp Shot 45 ml/set 6 pcs

Longchamp Shot 45 ml/set 6 pcs
Product Code : G5228
Collection : Longchamp
Brand : Cristal D’Arques
Made in France

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Longchamp Shot 45 ml


Cristal D’Arques : Longchamp
Product NameLongchamp Shot 45 ml
Product CodeG5228
Typeshot tumbler
Capacity45 ml , 1 ½
Dimension:H.57 mm , Ø: D.45 mm
Package6 pcs/set | EONZ / EAZ

Cristal d’Arques
the new nature of elegance Since the day it was founded, Cristal d’Arques has never stopped innovating and designing beautiful and affordable crystalware.

the new nature of elegance.
Daily luxury, accessible elegance for everyone : this is the philosophy of Cristal d’Arques Paris.
Diamax® Paris perpetuates this philosophy.
A striking material that brings magic to any dinner table, makes light dance and adds sparkle to the home.