Samba Charger Plate 32 cm


Samba Charger Plate 32 cm

Samba Charger Plate 32 cm/set 2 pcs
จานใหญ่ลายเกลียว Samba (2 ชิ้น)
Product Code : 4058 32 Samba box2
Brand : Nachtmann
Made in Germany

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Nachtmann : sAMBA
Product NameSamba Charger Plate 32 cm
Product Code4058 32 Samba box2 , 89993-1
Typeplate , dining table
DiameterØ: 32 cm
Materialnon lead crystal
Package2 pcs/NNO/1*SNO.

The nights are long, the rhythms hot and the sounds of the samba drums irresistible. the excitement of rio‘s carnival – people dancing in the city streets beneath the shadow of sugar loaf mountain, utterly transported by the Brazilian music and energy, hips swaying to the „samba de roda.” the SAMBA collection captures this ecstatic joie de vivre with graceful cuts that echo the swirling movements of the dancers within the glass. SAMBA provides a broad range of glass styles for the “barista” or bartender in everyone.