made in Slovak Republic.

Since the very beginning, RONA utilized cutting edge technology and was a leader in glass production. RONA introduced many technological improvements that were significant for the development of the whole glass industry. RONA was the first glassworks in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy to launch the production of pressed glass back in 1893. Then in 1956 RONA was the first factory in the world to implement and refine the commercial production of handmade stemware using the pulled stem process mimicked today by all serious manufacturers of handmade stemware. And in 2001 RONA introduced, as the first glass manufacturer worldwide, the commercial production of machine made “blow-blow technology” pulled stemware. This technology, ranked among the most progressive methods of drinking glass production, together with the introduction of the laser treatment of the rims, gave RONA the expertise to bring the production of the glassware for the food service industry to a completely new level.

Fine Dining
For that special occasion, the RONA fine dining assortment offers a variety of shapes, all with taller, slender stems and larger bowls with generous capacities. Contemporary, Traditional and Romantic shapes give operators a variety of options and price points to select from.

Casual Dining
Casual dining with class! A nice assortment of reds and whites in standard capacities best suited for the everyday casual experience – complete with barware, sized for most hard, soft or sparkling beverages.

Restaurant / Trattoria
Keeping it simple, yet elegant for everyday restaurant service – Stemware with smaller bowls for smaller pours, barware for water and sparkling beverages, and a pilsner suited for most beers.